My Birth day

Famous Quote Said On January 21
There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been.
Isaac Asimov, 1980
January 21 Birthdays

Jerry Trainor turns 37
Jeremy Shada turns 17
Booboo Stewart turns 20
Emma Lee Bunton turns 38
Geena Davis turns 58
Mac Davis turns 72
Maryse Ouellet turns 31
Hakeem Olajuwon turns 51
Michel Telo turns 33
Marny Kennedy turns 20
Thomas Stonewall Jackson (1824 - 1863)
Jack Nicklaus turns 74
Benny Hill (1924 - 1992)
Placido Domingo turns 73
Jackson Brundage turns 13
Billy Ocean turns 64
Wolfman Jack (1938 - 1995)
Robby Benson turns 58
Telly Savalas (1922 - 1994)
Christian Dior (1905 - 1957)
Brandon Crawford turns 27
- All January 21 Birthdays
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January 21st HolidayNational Hug Day - Celebrated by offering hugs to anyone and everyone.

Today's Famous Birthdays Trivia
He has a street named after him in him hometown, Lubbock. Who is he?

Today's Birthday Horoscope
Learn about people born on this day by reading the January 21 Birthday Horoscope.
Why?  Today is also my 62nd birthday.  62 years.  This is all I want to put in today, maybe later, after coffee and tears, I will add more.