Thursday, December 5, 2013

HepatitisC-A Personal Journey

     First, what you are personally going through is real.  How people re-act, physically, mentally and spiritually is theirs, they own it.  No one can tell me how I am feeling about what is happening to me, I can say, "I totally understand, am there, been there", but, it still is personal.  Do not let anyone tell you that what you are feeling, or going through is not legitimate.  We each react to different situations on a personal level, what causes me pain, someone else may laugh it off, what makes me sick, may not bother you.  I react differently to medications, there is no secret, hidden reason why, I just do.  I have a low tolerance to medications, and some medications react opposite of how they are suppose to.  It has always been that way and will always be so.  I have been made fun of, told it was all in my head, didn't want to take the medications, so made up how they were working on me.  Not true, not true, not true...this is a fact that is personal to my body.  What you are feeling is real, don't let anyone take that from you.

      Second, you either will go through and are going through or have come to peace with the sentence, "You are infected with the Hepatitis C virus."  Fear, anger, confusion, why me, why not me, I deserve this, I do not deserve this, I am really scared, I am really depressed, all the emotions one goes through in the grieving process.  And, yes, we are grieving, we are losing control over our bodies, our futures.  Being infected is also lonely, all of a sudden, people are afraid of you, they, because of a lack of good public information, worry about catching the virus from you, they begin backing away from you.  Good friends, whom I chatted with daily, are pulling away.  People tend to do that, maybe not consciously, but they back away from the unknown, from sickness, from death, not knowing how to deal with it or because of their own fears.  Most of them do not mean to do this, it just is.  I hope that you who are reading this, have someone who remains by your side, you really need people now.

     The chronic fatigue, for me, is one of the worst sides of the virus.  It becomes a work to breathe, to move around, I become confused and loose my thoughts, I hate this feeling.  I am becoming that way now, so, will have to stop, sleep and get up and go on.  

     My goal with this blog is outreach.  To help educate, to provide human support, to walk along side of you.  I have a lot of great sites that provide information and support, those I will share with you.  I will also post a on-going blog, telling you how it is for me, being real.  That is what I really needed and couldn't get.

     I hope you will join me, will get support and friendship from this blog.  Any comments or idea's or wanted information, please drop me a line and I will provide what I have.  In the up-coming time, here, I will be posting links.

     Hold on tight, if we join hands and lean on each other, we can be a positive force in this fight.  We are slaying dragons and my pray for each one of us and all the newly infected, is for a cure.

     One(1) person in every Twelve(12) is infected with this virus, the "silent killer".  It takes thirty to forty(30 to 40) years of hiding in your liver(for most people), doing it's destruction before you will see symptoms and by that time, usually the liver has been damaged. 

     Ask everyone you know to get tested, to stop spreading the virus,to become educated, and to share their knowledge with everyone. There are a lot of information and misinformation out there, read it all with an open mind, then ask questions to your doctor team, support groups, people you trust.  No one knows everything and there are new things coming up, so stay tuned with an open mind.

     Walk with me, together we will be stronger and can defeat this virus.  And remember, laughter and positive attitudes can heal your mental issues, one is alone, two together strengthens and three or more slays.  And finally, my friends, learn the art of listening.  Two ears we have been given and only one mouth, put the ears and heart to the message given, you can not fix anyone with your opinions or thoughts, they just need to have you really listen.